Back in the summer 2017 we received an exciting call from our friends at P54 about a 5 day product shoot in Iceland. Having never been there, all sorts of ideas were popping into our heads. It’s a spectacular place and somewhere I’ve always wanted to film.

The brief was to film multiple product videos for Footjoy, testing their latest golf apparel in the harshest conditions we could find. We had 4 golfers from the UK/US and we had a full itinerary, with a number of courses to visit and a whole range of jackets, layers, shoes & gloves to film. Plus, we needed to film a mini documentary, the journey of. It was going to be a busy one but there was no shortage of daylight as it’s the land of never ending sun (at least in summer anyway).

The kit pack was fairly ridiculous – myself and Darren went from Optrix to join the P54 team. It gave us a great opportunity to take all our cinematic gear including a motorised slider for time-lapses, the Inspire 1 X5 for aerial footage, a Ronin M, a load of cameras, lights and the kitchen sink. I think we had 9 check in bags between us plus 4 carry ons!

Flying in to Iceland at Reykjavík was memorable, it was gone 11pm and the sun was still up – very surreal. Iceland is an incredible island; it often feels like you’re on another planet with its sparse landscape and bizarre rock formations.

Day one began at Keilir Golf Club in the wind and sunshine. We did a full day’s shoot testing out all their apparel and documenting the experience of playing golf in the arctic circle. Even when it’s sunny there, it’s still fresh and a test for both golfers and camera crew! Keeping a drone in the air is a challenge, the wind barely dropped and we had to pick our windows. We wrapped for the day post 11pm and enjoyed a beer as the sun set.

Day two we headed to Vestman Island, a volcanic island with a golf course nestled next to the crater – an amazing location to play golf. If we thought it was windy on day one, this took it to new levels. The golfers hit the course togged up in their full waterproofs and we got some stunning footage before the rain moved in. Normally that’s a signal to duck for cover but this shoot was about capturing these gnarly conditions so we all toughed it out. The high frame footage on our FS7 of the rain gear doing its job came out great.

Our final day of filming the golfers, was at the magnificent Brautarholt Golf Club – one of golf’s hidden gems. Another full day of filming ensued, mopping up the remaining shots for the vignettes while also documenting the day’s activities.

All this filming boiled down into a busy month of editing back at our studio. Deliverables were one hero film and some vignettes focussed on individual products. We think they turned out great and it was certainly a fun one to work on.

Check out some of the videos on FootJoy’s YouTube channel:

Hero film here

DryJoys Tour LTS here

Layers here